Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good days bad days and fair days

Mondays are well known for being the worst days of the week, and this last Monday was proving that perception correct. Kristen had come down with a bad cold, and the boys were crabby. Blake is still trying to adjust to all day school. Kolby is board out of his mind because everyone else at home is feeling ill. Taylor has a cough and is whining like crazy. Even the weather was conspiring against us. It had rained all morning, and the sky was still gray and foreboding. Something had to be done, but what. Who has the power to turn this disastrous day into a great day? This sounds like a job for Mediocre Man (all the good super hero names were taken). Leaving Kristen and Taylor to fend for themselves, Mediocre man throws his two sidekicks into the Man Van, and heads off for adventure. We head south looking for anything that will change the course of this dreary day, and then it happens. The clouds part and the sun makes a triumphant appearance, shining over the city of Puyallup ( if your not from Washington good luck with the pronunciation). We quickly arrived at the fair grounds and found a small lot to park the Man Van. Before we even got within the gates the sights, sounds, and smells came crashing down on us. My two sidekicks were now full of energy, and ready to tackle anything that the fair had to offer. We soon found ourselves in Silly Ville a part of the fair for young kids. Our first Ride was the Super Slide. For this ride you have to climb about a mile of small kid sized stairs all the time carrying a burlap mat that you slide down on. By the time we got to the top I had all three of the mats and the boys were doubled over and panting. Blake was first to go and you could hear his screams of joy for miles around. Kolby and I were next. He didn't want to go alone so I carried him down with me. Unlike Blake's trip down, this one was not filled with joy and excitement, though the cries were heard for miles around. After the tears stopped we found a ride that Kolby was fine with.

The boys were actually excited for the ride. This one is like the teacups it goes around in a circle and you can spin it until you puke. I had to watch Kolby's eyes and stop when I thought that they would spin out of his head. I finally found out that if he focused on me he would be fine and we could spin at alarming speeds.

They love driving, and this car is just slightly larger than mine.

The boys on a boat

Kolby sat next to me on this one

Everyone loves fire trucks.

Blake went alone on the Roller Coaster

They both had fun on the airplane

Our last ride brought us to new heights. Kolby loved the Ferris Wheel, but blake found out that he doesn't like heights.

After all the rides were through it was time for dinner. We started to walk the park to see if there was anything that the kids wanted to eat. There was a lot of choices from cheese burgers for $11 to $8 hot dogs I was happy when the boys said the wanted Taco del Mar. We got back to the Man Van and rushed off to get burritos and chips. We finally got home and quickly got ready for bed. That is the story of turning a bad day into a Fair day.

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PotatoJack said...

Awesome! Looks like so much fun! What a good dad you are!