Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Utah here we come

New house in Utah

More Cakes

A Car for Jeremy

Kolby and Mario

Blake's Dragon

A friends first b-day cake

Another First birthday cake

Father Son Scout cake off.  We won!!

Taylor's 5th birthday

My buddy Ryan got hit by a bus and this was the cake I made him for his first day back to work.

Andrew Cuningham eagle cake

how to train a dragon

Eli's 2nd b-day cake

Bosa Nova retirement cake

Time keeps on ticking.

I can not believe how much time has passed since my last post. The big changes that have affected our family over the last two years are 1) We had a wonderful little boy named Eli. He is growing so fast and is really showing off his personality. 2) I got a promotion at work so my family and I will be moving to the Salt Lake City area in the beginning of August. We have chosen to rent a house in South Jordan for at least a year while we get our bearings. Even though we will be moving to Utah, I will be working and living in Seattle until Seattle ARTCC can release me. It will be terribly difficult to leave all our friends in Washington, but we are excited to live close to Kristen's parents. 3) My three oldest boys and I are still doing Tae Kwon Do. Blake and I received our black belts on June 16th 2012. Kolby and Taylor are still working hard and are progressing very quickly. 4) Kristen and I celebrated 13 years of marriage in June. I still don't know how she has been able to put up with me all these years, I guess it just proves how strong she is.