Thursday, May 15, 2008

My new hobby!

I have been often asked "What are you making?" In which I respond "A rectangle." Our stake is doing a service project where we were able to knit or crochet a rectangle and then they are being collected, turned into blankets and given away to charity. I wanted to serve, I love service, but I didn't know how to do either craft. I decided to learn how to knit. When my mom was in town in February she helped me pick out the appropriate tools and and then I learned how to knit. Here is my picture of the rectangles I have made. I have done a few different techniques. And I have decided I quite like to knit. In fact I think I may be getting a little obsessed with it. The other day I couldn't sleep so I keep thinking of future knitting projects. The next few days were spent looking for the proper yarn so I could get some sleep. This will be my first official project. One that will be all mine from start to finish. Be on the look out for another post with the finished project. I can't wait I am so excited. Also if you want a knitted rectangle just let me know, I already have one request :).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Toys

I just bought a new television for our family room. The boys were running around the house jumping and screaming out of excitement. I thought wow I did a good thing. As soon as I got it installed the boys grabbed the box and vanished. They were more excited about a big box than they were about a big tv. For the last few days the box has been a drive up ice cream shop, a fort, a slide, and a prison. I think that instead of buying expensive things for the house I will just buy big box every week and let the boys tear them apart.

First day fun

climbing out was tough
It is even fun for friends.

Even though the boys liked the box more I still like the tv. It fits very nicely above the fireplace. I just need to build a box for my components and hide the wires.

Just getting the tv up there was a chore,
it is 240 pounds.

Fun for the whole family

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sling shot fun

Grandpa and Grandma came home from their cruise and brought the boys some fun toys. The kids had a great time learning how to use the sling shots, and Taylor loves his SCARY MOOSE!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Spring Break trip

Most people who plan trips for spring break try to find a place to relax with beautiful beaches and warm weather. Well we are not like most people. Sure warm weather and sandy beaches may sound nice, but does it really live up to all the hype? We decided to pass on the obvious and boring ideas, and go to a place were tens of thousands of college students flock to every year. Beautiful Provo Utah. Now that we had a place to go we had to decide how we were going to get there. We discussed flying, driving, and almost every other mode of transport available. After deliberating for hours on the pros and cons of each type of transportation we came to a couple of conclusions. Flying was by far the fastest and easiest, but everyone flies now where is the adventure in that. We even thought about overnighting ourselves with FedEx, but hit a snag when we could not figure out how we would get to the drop off location after we were taped up in the boxes. The only real option left to us was to drive. The big problem was how to make a 15 hour drive with three tired kids even more fun. I racked my brain for the answer, and then it hit me. I would work a mid-shift and we would leave as soon as I got home from work! It was brilliant I would stay awake all night and then drive for 15 hours that very next morning. This was truly going to be a trip to remember. Well I am told we actually made it and here is some proof. While we were there we made a stop at the Hogle Zoo.

A white alligator!!

Nice Elephant

We even saw a Lion!!!!

The big hit was this cute baby Giraffe.

The trip was a blast and the kids really enjoyed seeing there Grandpa and Grandma Kats. and uncles Jeff and Jonny. We were also able to see Great grandparents and some of Kristen's best friends. We even got to see Grandpa at work conducting the BYU Symphony. The trip home was a lot easier. The 14 hours flew by and before we knew it we were home.