Thursday, March 20, 2008

The negatives of a Blog.

There are many great things about blogging. Some of my favorite are sharing pictures and stories with family that live far away, reconnecting with friends, the feeling of community with others who have similar situations, and finding great book recommendations. There are however some negatives. One that I want to talk about right now is that things can be misread. This is something that is a problem not only with blogs, but also in e-mails, texts, and regular written word. I have a feeling that my previous post was possibly misread by people that I care about and I wanted to write this post to attempt better wording to explain myself. One thing is that I never meant to make it seem like I feel unloved. I am very happy and my friends play a large part in that. Also it may seem like I was blaming others for the distance that has happened with some friendships and that is not what I think at all. No one is at fault for this. And if there is anyone to blame then it would be me. I am one of the worst at keeping in touch with others. I always have the best intentions to call someone, send them a card, or invite them over, but I have the worst follow through. And that is really what I meant to say in the last post. I knew about my intentions and lack of action and I was wondering if others have this in common with me, or not. An anonymous person commented on the last post and I think they said it best-"I think it takes two to keep a friendship going. Your desire to have good friends requires that you also make efforts to keep in touch..." So I hope that I learn something from this and try to put a little action in with my intentions. And if this post is also written in a way that may be taken wrong, for it is written word, please read my disclaimer it may help you understand me and state that writing is not a strength of mine.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Memorable or not?

I had the opportunity this past week to find a lot of old friends with the help of the blogging world. These are people who I have thought of often throughout the years but have not been able to contact them. I have been away from my home town for Eleven years and it has been hard to stay in the loop with all my friends. I remember these people well and have a permanent spot in my heart for them. The question is do they remember me? Am I ever on their thoughts? This is something that I am not real sure about. I don't think that I am one who everyone loved and wanted to be with. I was the one next to the one that everyone wanted to be with. I think this is still true today. I have a bunch of friends, but when I moved a mile away they started to disappear a bit. It is not on purpose. These are great people, I just think that they have forgotten about me. I am not that memorable. So as I reconnect with these friends my hope is that they will remember me just a little bit and that they will be happy to keep in touch. And a big thank you to the blogging world that makes it all possible.

p.s. I realized that there is no picture of me on this blog, or really in my photo collection at home. I guess the kids take more precedence than me, where the camera is concerned. So I decided to post one I took the other day. Not my best, but for those who may not have seen me for years, maybe it will jog their memory.