Sunday, September 16, 2007

Climbing Mountains

Hey all, yesterday we had a joint birthday celebration for Blake and Kolby. The family gathered in from the four corners of the greater Seattle area. We met at the Super Mall (in Auburn) and began our quest to be the first family to climb Mt. Hood and Mt Rainer. The problem is the real mountains are really big and we are all out of shape so we decided to cheat a little. We went to The Wall at the Mall.

Blake climbing like a pro.

Kolby reaches the peak of his nerve, and will go no further.

Me against my big brother, and the victory goes to ME.

Kristen is so good she climbed without shoes.

Zach, Garrett, and Katy all did a great job.

After our hard day of climbing we came home for dinner and presents. When everyone was full and presents were played with it was time for DDR. At the end of the evening I was crowned the Lind Family DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) Champion!!!

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PotatoJack said...

i love DDR! We played it for the first time back in July. I always thought it was so cheesy, but it's actually a bit of a work out and TOTALLY! We need to invest in it, since winter is coming and we won't be outside much. burrrrrr.