Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So, I know that I asked Isaac to start this Blog because I really wanted to be a blogger. But I guess you can't be a blogger when you don't blog. A friend of mine who has a wonderful blog (Calamity Jane) told me she checked our blog but I don't post much. I responded by saying "I don't have a lot to say." So, why do I want to be a blogger if I don't have anything to say? Maybe it is so I can fit in, be a part of a group. I don't know. And in truth I write a blog or two in my head everyday, I just don't get it on the computer. "And why is that?" I ask myself. Probably because I think that my blogs would not fit into the "Group", they may be stupid, my grammar may be awful, my sentence structure non-existent, or I may portray a person totally different than my real self. Well I have decided to throw caution to the wind. I am going to start blogging more often.

And this is my disclaimer:

The content in the future blogs are purely the opinion of one very imperfect person on one particular day. These opinions and views may change at anytime. They are not meant in any way to harm, offend or criticize anyone. If they do, the author is extremely sorry and would love to kindly give an apology to any who deem it necessary. The blogs are written by a LDS person trying very hard to be a good person. If the said blogs portray something else please forgive the author, remember the author is not perfect. With this said, please enjoy the future writings and feel free to comment whenever you feel the need.

Good Bye, Caution. Here I come.


Tara said...

Good for you, Kristen. I look forward to visiting your blog.

PotatoJack said...

I'm looking forward to reading more entries. No judgement will be held. Heck you've seen mine. I'm not that cool. :)

Calamity Jane said...

whoosh - there went caution - to the wind...I am excited for you because I know you do have alot to say. I like the way you say it too. I look forward to your entries, don't hoard them in your mind, spit them out!!!

Camille McInelly said...

Yahoo... see ya caution. Can't wait to see what is to come! Way to go Kristen.