Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Five is way older than Four

Our little Kolby is growing up fast. We had a quick unwrap your presents party before Blake went to school. The rest of the party will be held later tonight when I am at work. He is really excited because he really feels different this morning. Four is so young but five is way cooler. First of all when someone asks him his age he can hold up a whole hand full of fingers . He says he feels stronger and bigger today. It is amazing what one night will do for a person.

One week before his birthday!

Kolby's Birthday wow he looks older (or does he)

Kolby opening his presents.

Kolby was really excited about the presents and had fun with them until the next one was handed to him. He got a movie from Blake, a tooth brush that plays a song when you brush from Taylor, and a few other things from Kristen and I. Then when he thought that all was done we brought out the last present.


He has been on that thing for the last hour or so just riding around the house. Well that is the story for now. Tonight they will eat the ice cream cake and sing The Song. All the while I will be working.

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PotatoJack said...

Too cute! I know my nephew's LOVE Razor's. How old is Blake?