Saturday, September 8, 2007

Back home in the real Washington

Well I returned home from Washington D.C. on Thursday night. I was able to spend some time with my sister and her family. I arrived Sunday around 4:30 pm. and got a wonderful driving tour of D.C. Then we drove down to their house which is about an hour away from the airport. When the kids went to bed the party started. We watched one of the greatest movies ever made (next to dumb and dumber) BLADES OF GLORY. Jeremy spent the majority of the movie either crying or snorting. On Monday we left early and went to Six Flags were we rode all but one of the roller coasters. After a long day at the park we went home and watched the movie again. Tuesday I woke up extra early and drove for an hour to catch the train to D.C. After a 45 min. train ride I arrived at my hotel. I quickly checked in and ran up to my room. I put my stuff away and sat down in my living room and looked around. My room was really cool. I had a living room, a dining room, a dressing room, and a bedroom.
Now dressed for work I went down to the lobby and met up with my partner. We had several meetings that night. I was shocked to see the enormity of the Capital mall. Over the next few days we spoke with our Senators, and Congressmen. Our bill is looking good and we have floor time in the House on or around the 17 of Sept. On Thursday we made one last mad dash and finished our meetings by 3:00 pm. then ran to the airport to catch our 5:30 flight home. It was a short trip but a very active one. The days started at 8:00 and we returned to the hotel at 12:00 midnight.


PotatoJack said...

we LOVED "Blades of Glory"!!! It's so hilarious!!!!

Zuleika said...

Good for people to know.