Saturday, May 16, 2009

Digging in Diapers

Well it has been a long time since my last post, and a lot has happened with our family. For example this last week our wonderful three year old Taylor wanted to find out what a penny tastes like. He popped the grimy penny in his mouth and gagged. The penny shot out of his mouth and dropped to the floor. I guess he thought it tasted ok because he ran over and popped it right back in his mouth. He gagged and then came the screams "I am sooo Sorry". I ran up to him when I heard him gagging and ran him to the bathroom. I thought he was sick. He looked up at me and said I am so sorry dad I swallowed a penny. He just kept on saying that he was sorry. The penny got stuck half way down his throat and was causing a fair amount of pain. The good news was he could still breath. We gave him some water and some bread to try to push it down the rest of the way. Just as we were about to take him into the doctor the penny finally passed into his stomach. We talked to the doctor and he said to watch him and check to see if the penny passes. 24 hours later we got a nice shiny penny in his diaper. Oh the joys of parenthood, checking through a soiled diaper for coins. It was like a treasure hunt. He was so excited to see the penny out of him!


Jackie B. said...

that's going to be enjoyable! ;) Glad to hear things are still lively there.

Dawn said...

oh, that is a good story, glad he is ok, and you know who is good with poop...we sure do. Knock,