Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Square foot garden

A few months ago Kristen mentioned to me that she wanted to make a garden. Time passed and she would drop hints every now and then just to remind me how nice it would be to grow our own food. She would say how nice it would be if the kids could learn to garden. As you can see she was VERY cryptic. One day she grew a little angry and said that if I was not going to build here a garden then she was going to do it herself. This conversation caught me off guard and I asked her "what garden"(apparently not the best question). Somehow the conversation went from a mythical garden to my lack of listening skills and some other things that I don't really remember. Well this last week a great idea came to me. I wanted to build a garden for my family, so that we could grow our own food, and the kids could learn to garden. I grabbed Kristen and threw the kids in the "Man Van" and headed to Home Depot. On the way I told her my plan for our garden. We bought the supplies and headed home. Over the next few days I built the boxes and mixed up my planting mix. Kristen bought a few strawberry plants and we will be buying the rest of the plants over the next few days. I still have to build the trellis for the climbing plants. We are planning to have tomatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, peppers, snap peas, pumpkin, cucumbers, lettuce, and possibly potatoes.

Strawberries Yum!

The main garden each square will have some sort of plant.
more pics to follow.

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Dawn said...

I think your conversation is similar to ones happening in Mormon homes all over the country :) We did this a few years ago, and unfortunately the garden has to be maintained or the plants die? No more garden at our house, good luck with yours :)