Sunday, December 16, 2007

Long Nights, Long Weekend

Kolby on Sunday afternoon

Well this weekend has been very interesting. On Friday Kolby complained that his cheek hurt (at night). We questioned him and he said that he was ok it just hurt a little. He continued to play and we didn't think much more about it. Kristen then went off and partied with some of her friends, and I got the boys ready for bed. Teeth brushed and kisses given the boys went up to bed. I had to work really early in the morning so I took advantage of a quiet house and went to bed early. Around ten I awoke to a crying Kolby. He said his tooth was hurting and it woke him up. I gave him some medicine and he went back to bed. I thought that it was safe to go to sleep again. Just as I was drifting off to dream land a cry rang out and I jumped up and ran to Kolby's side. After comforting him he let me know that he missed mommy. I told him that she would be back soon. We both went back to bed and as I was closing my very tired eyes Kolby started crying again. I went into his room and picked him up and brought him back in with me. The rest of the night was spent with Kolby crying and me trying to comfort him. Kristen got home around 3am and took over the comforting duties. I then got up at 4am and got ready for work. That day Kolby was feeling better but we didn't want to take any chances so we found a dentist that worked on Saturday. I took a couple of hours off work and we went in to see the dentist. The appointment went fine Kolby told the Dr. where he hurt and they took X-rays of the area. Everything looked normal, but as a precaution we got a prescription for some antibiotics. Well that night Kolby woke up a few times but it was a lot better than the night before. I awoke to the sound of a laughing Kolby. I got up and went to check on him and he was playing with his older brother. Upon hearing me he turned around and gave me the cutest lopsided smile you have ever seen. You see the whole side of his face had begun to swell and it forced the right side of the face down while the left was raised in a I feel great smile. We gave him his medicine and we all got ready for church. Now I know what you are thinking. Why are you going to church instead of the doctor? Well first of all our dentist goes to our ward, along with at least three other dentists, two oral surgeons, five or six doctors, several nurses, etc... After Sacrament the bishop and several other people gathered around Kolby and and decided that he had a problem not in his lower jaw but in the upper jaw. Our dentist Dr. Paul Sadleir opened up his practice today and took out one of Kolby's molars and cleaned up the problem. Kolby was so brave and strong, and Dr. Sadleir proved again why we love him so much. He helped Kolby feel secure, safe, and comfortable. This weekend was tough, but we did learn a couple of things from it. Kolby is a very brave and strong boy. We have some of the best friends, and we have some excellent dentists. Kolby is doing great tonight thanks to Dr. Sadleir in Auburn, and Dr. McIntosh in Edgewood

Not feeling so well and a little scared

Kolby and his tooth

The pesky molar

Dr. Sadleir, Kolby, Kris Sadleir
just after the removal.


Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

oh, wow! That's a bit scary. You do have a brave little man there! :) So glad everything turned out well!

Was the tooth fairy extra generous for bravery? :)

Kristen said...

Yes, the tooth Fairy gives extra when you have to have a tooth pulled. $5.00

PotatoJack said...

yowser! that looks like a pretty big molar! what a good kid!